Walk Don't Walk

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Lose yourself in a world of risograph artwork.

Walk Don't Walk is a collection of diverse new work by some of Scotland's most exciting artists, comic makers and illustrators, from narrative comics to genre-bending artwork.

Featuring Aki Hassan, Nicola Henry, Matt Gow, Jules Scheele, Allolune, Lord Zom, Nat Walpole, Maria Stoian, Konstantinos Moutzouvis, Andrew Kiwanuka, HAM, Alistair Smith, Eli Spencer, Sophie Robin, David Baillie, Amy Dunne, Aoife Scott, Lauren Morsley and Smex.

Sustainably riso printed in Scotland using 10 different inks, 18,000 sheets of paper, and 144,000 print passes; Walk Don't Walk pushes the boundaries of RISO production and celebrates a new generation of creativity.

Shipped in a cardboard envelope